The following are descriptions of the content of each of our episodes comprising Season 2.

Introduction to Season 2 – An Explanation – Producer Marion Migraine and independent investigator Ralph Cramp explain the podcast, preview the second mini-season covering the next five Scooby-Doo episodes, and introduce the new introduction. Ralph also uses the archeological term “in situ.” [PLAY EPISODE]

Episode 6 (Part 1) – What The Hex Going On – Season 2 of our podcast begins with the tragic case of the Wetherby family who are at the center of the Scooby-Doo episode “What The Hex Going On.” Already we begin to see holes in the official theory that Uncle Stuart is guilty. Spokesman Ralph Cramp clears the air about his recent appearance on Those Movie Guys Podcast. Legal consultant Frank Melasma give a free audio preview of his exciting sci-fi novel “Glix Glaxter: Space Jockey.” And we look at the legality of ghosts demanding family fortunes and people kidnapping their relatives. [PLAY EPISODE]

Update At The Ravine – Recorded on location while clinging to a rickety footbridge spanning a deadly ravine. Ralph explains how he is researching the upcoming “Never Ape An Apeman” episode, and also addresses why his secretly recorded clip of the Friendship Basement Podcast was NOT illegal. Besides, they were talking behind his back. [PLAY EPISODE]

Episode 6 (Part 2) – What The Hex Going On – We begin by discussing audience members who believe they are descended from impoverished aristocracy, like the Wetherbys. J.W. Chafe provides the criminal perspective on blue ghosts and suspects tied to armchairs. Ralph Cramp does a wonderful job of showing the parallels between “What The Hex Going On” and Charles Dickens’ “Little Dorrit.” And he deftly dismantles the official story that Uncle Stuart would be stupid enough to extort the family fortune by kidnapping his own niece. The episode concludes with a heartfelt apology and a promise never again to use the word “looneyburg.” [PLAY EPISODE]

Renée Alért – Be On The Lookout For This Woman – We’ve had to quickly record and upload this alert because of a situation involving a former Scooby-Doo Justice Project team member. We thought this person had moved on. But a recent incident shows that we must all be on our guard. Please listen to this alert all the way through before taking any rash or thoughtless action. [PLAY EPISODE]

Episode 7 (Part 1) – Never Ape An Ape Man – Because of numerous inaccuracies in our movie knowledge, Ralph introduces the program’s official Film Correspondent Joe Jaundice. He was originally supposed to report live from a movie screening, but the logistics were not favorable. In addition to his expert opinion, Ralph gives a succinct overview of the plot of “Never Ape An Ape Man,” the 7th of the original episodes of “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?” And we begin to touch on the evidence pointing to the innocence of Carl the Stuntman. [PLAY EPISODE]

The Lunenburg Riot – Recorded on-location in a laundromat in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, this brief episode is the first-person account of Independent Investigator Ralph Cramp’s attempt to prevent a demonstration from beginning in the streets and pouring over onto the docks. This unfiltered, unexpurgated narrative offers a disturbing glimpse at what can happen when you follow the advice of someone named Lonnie. It also shows that there is MUCH work to be done in raising awareness about the plight of the unfairly accused villains on Scooby-Doo. [PLAY EPISODE]

Episode 7 (Part 2) – Never Ape An Ape Man – We discuss with Legal Consultant Frank Melasma the legal possibilities of dressing up like an ape. We discuss with Film Correspondent Joe Jaundice the physical possibilities of dressing up like an ape. And then we seek to explain why Carl the Stuntman had dark skin color but was not black. If only poor Carl had known what the title of this Scooby-Doo incident was going to be, he might have taken that advice and NEVER aped an ape man. [PLAY EPISODE]

People In Perspective – Public Radio Interview – Ralph was compelled to interrupt his on-site research for “Foul Play in Funland” so he could address the public radio interview that recently aired. He felt the host ambushed him, belittled The Scooby-Doo Justice Project, and turned a congenial encounter into a hit piece. But Ralph does admit that Pat Bolton-Reese was given erroneous information to begin with and this possibly was the root of some of the confusion. Also, Ralph makes the podcast ADA compliant by saying “spokesperson.” [PLAY EPISODE]

Episode 8 (Part 1) – Foul Play in Funland – Ralph presents the first part of the research team’s analysis of the Scooby-Doo episode featuring Charlie the robot, “Foul Play in Funland.” Red flags are raised about Mr. Jenkins’ culpability and his sister Sarah’s role. Ralph asks criminal researcher J.W. Chafe for his perspective on criminals at amusement parks and movies about illegal robots. Film correspondent Joe Jaundice is briefly consulted about the existence of a movie called “Blade Runner 90210.” And many, many questions are raised about the food safety practices of Fred, Daphne, Velma, and Shaggy, vis a vis the clams they’ve dug up. [PLAY EPISODE]

This Beach Is Closed! – Scooby-Doo Justice Project spokesman Ralph Cramp has recorded this mini-episode live on a west coast beach. He was intending to further study beach clams, which he believes are the key to unlocking the mystery behind the Scooby-Episode “Foul Play in Funland.” However, his research is interrupted and he is more or less forced to play part of an interview he did with “Mavis” and “Ellie-Mae” the co-hosts of the popular podcast “I Love A Conspiracy.” Also, couples strolling on the beach seem to be a problem as well. [PLAY EPISODE]

Episode 8 (Part 2) – Foul Play in Funland – Ralph concludes the Scooby-Doo Justice Project’s analysis of the curious case of Charlie the Robot in “Foul Play in Funland.” Criminal Researcher J.W. Chafe and Legal Consultant Frank Melasma each contribute the valuable knowledge. Reaching beyond the portrayal of events the producers whish us to see, we look for a parallel narrative structure with which to analyze the incident. Ralph considers Pinocchio, the Frankenstein, before finally settling on a surprising fairytale involving a glass slipper. Evidence is presented that clears Mr. Jenkins of any guilt and places it firmly on the shoulders of his meddling sister, Sarah. As a bonus, he sets the record straight on what the term “cold case” actually means. [PLAY EPISODE]

The Alley Behind The Theatre – While lead investigator and spokesman Ralph Cramp is on location in the alleyway behind his local performing arts building, he receives a message that The Scooby-Doo Justice Project’s social media accounts are being peppered with questions. He authorizes producer Marion Migraine to edit in a pre-recorded session they did where Ralph answer the most common questions. He also has trouble with some trash cans and two men he supposes are actors. [PLAY EPISODE]

Episode 9 (Part 1) – The Backstage Rage – “The Backstage Rage” takes place (not surprisingly) backstage. But a good portion of it also (surprisingly) takes place ON stage. Scooby-Doo Justice Project spokesman Ralph Cramp takes listeners through the background, the basic plot outline, and deep questions of puppet legitimacy. The evidence against Mr. Pietro, the innocent security guard and possible puppet maker begins to look faked. Legal Consultant Frank Melasma mostly pitches his new idea for a rustic airline “Cabin In The Sky.” Film Correspondent Joe Jaundice makes a surprise appearance with an ominous warning about Velma. [PLAY EPISODE]

String Theory – Scooby-Doo Justice Project spokesman Ralph Cramp reports live from the group’s “Extended String Theory” testing. At first they are going to have Floyd climb onto the roof of a high school gym, but are forced to change venues. Most importantly, Ralph reveals a valuable resource that serious listeners can obtain for free. But they must listen to this mini-episode to get complete information. [PLAY EPISODE]

For Listeners Only: A Personal Message – An embarrassing situation in a Facebook mastermind group has led Ralph Cramp to take a bold step in the development of this podcast. This is a personal message for listeners only. If you are not going to listen to it, then we ask you not to download and play it. [PLAY EPISODE]

GoFundMe Campaign Thank You – Spokesman Ralph Cramp takes some time away from his sand studies to thank those who contributed to The Scooby-Doo Justice Project’s recent GoFundMe campaign to raise $57 to purchase additional LEGO figurines. [PLAY EPISODE]

Episode 9 (Part 2) The Backstage Rage – In this gripping episode, Ralph reveals The Scooby-Doo Justice Project’s plans for a tactical t-shirt that all associates and researchers can wear to identify one another during group operations. He plays a recorded call with J.W. Chafe that is not violating the law because it was not recorded on TAPE. Then Ralph gives a lengthy description of how law enforcement really works vis a vis the Backstage Rage case. Frank Melasma weighs in with thoughts on calliing yourself a “squire.” And then Ralph gives the group’s final anlysis of what really happened to poor Mr. Pietro in the Scooby-Doo episode “The Backstage Rage.” [PLAY EPISODE]

Clown Spying – Recorded on location in a thickly wooded area, Ralph interrupts his important on-location clown research to make two momentus announcements. We will not put them here in the show description, because that would give them away before Ralph makes them. How stupid do you think we are? [PLAY EPISODE]

Episode 10 (Part 1) Bedlam in the Big Top – In preparation for a complete analysis of this Scooby-Doo episode that takes place in a circus, Ralph gives a brief synopsis of the plot to “Bedlam in the Big Top.” He gives the background on the independent investigator he admires most. He interviews film correspondent Joe Jaundice about the difference between The Black Panther and The Pink Panther. He talks to legal consultant Frank Melasma about the legality of hypnotism a new mouse disposal product. And finally, he gives some surprising insights into the true role of Harry the Hypnotist if he really were the Ghost Clown. [PLAY EPISODE]

The Changing Room – Recorded on-location inside a department store dressing room, Ralph explains why he’s trapped in there. Then he plays a bombshell interview with a member of the law enforcement community. And finally, he reveals what may be the hidden origins of our podcast network, The PodFix Network. [PLAY EPISODE]

Specially Reissued Commencement Address – About one year ago, The Scooby-Doo Justice Project spokesman Ralph Cramp was invited to give the commencement speech at the graduation of his local middle school. it was a message of inspiration, encouragement, and preparation for the real world that the students needed to hear. But thanks to a busy-body on the school board who saw a printed copy of the speech ahead of time–they never did. In a spirit of generosity, Ralph recorded a “generic” version of the speech so that it could be used by any school at their graduation, in the event the scheduled speaker was unable to make it. Here, in a specially reissued version with a new introduction and an update at the end, Ralph’s stirring speech is as powerful and as necessary as ever. [PLAY EPISODE]

Episode 10 (Part 2) – Bedlam in the Big Top – After inviting listeners to call the 24 hour hotline at (541) 204-0010, Ralph talks about an Australian connection with Scooby-Doo. He presents a legal loophole Harry the Hypnotist might have used to get free and discusses this with Legal Consultant Frank Melasma. Ralph then runs a movie question past Film Correspondent Joe Jaundice. And then gives the final analysis of Bedlam in the Big Top with a focus on the mysterious role of the ringmaster Mr. Barnstorm. [PLAY EPISODE]

In The Cabin – Recorded on location in an old, abandoned cabin. Ralph interrupts his extremely important arachnid inventory to present two pieces of information. First, we hear some of the best tips left on the Scooby-Doo Justice Project tip line. Second, we finally hear the long-awaited interview with real-life psychologist Edna Eczema (not her real name). It turns out she’s the host of a competing Scooby-Doo show, The Meddling Kids Podcast. [PLAY EPISODE]

The Lost Lyrics – This episode contains two huge pieces of news. First, we reveal our behind-the-scenes purchase of the legendary “Lost Lyrics” to the Scooby-Doo TV series theme song. Second, we announce the winner of our Ralph Cramp Soundalike Contest, where we choose a vocal double to sit in for him when he can’t do the show. Recorded live at one of the region’s most prominent flea markets. [PLAY EPISODE]