The following are descriptions of the content of each of our episodes comprising Season 1.

Introduction to Season 1 – An Explanation – Producer Marion Migraine and independent investigator Ralph Cramp explain the reason for the podcast, the structure of the episode schedule, and core beliefs of the research group. Additionally, Ms. Migraine feels free to state her views on a few things with the assumption that this will help listeners who are unfamiliar with our work.   [PLAY EPISODE]

Episode 1 – What A Night For A Knight – We ask, “How old were you when you knew there was something very wrong with Scooby-Doo?” We reveal several startling facts about the TV show’s background. And we give a full analysis of the cartoon’s first episode “What A Night For A Knight.” Initially, we believed we could cover an entire Scooby-Doo episode in a single podcast episode, but when spokesman Ralph Cramp nearly collapsed from exhaustion, we felt it best to divide our analysis into two parts going forward. Our effort here is to clear the name of the innocent museum curator, Mr. Wickles. [PLAY EPISODE]

Episode 2 (Part 1) – Hassle In The Castle – We do a deep investigation into the name and background of Fred Jones. And give a criminal researcher’s analysis of the cartoon’s second episode “Hassle In The Castle.” We begin to lay the groundwork that will show that the man known as Bluestone The Great was set up. [PLAY EPISODE]

Episode 2 (Part 2) – Hassle In The Castle – After a plot summary, we do an analysis of the show’s theory of the events in Haunted Castle. We list the 5 biggest holes in that theory. And we present our own theory about what really happened in the cartoon’s second episode “Hassle In The Castle.” It involves drugs, extortion, and the victimization of an innocent magician (stage name: Bluestone The Great). [PLAY EPISODE]

Episode 3 (Part 1) – A Clue For Scooby Doo – The host answers some allegations by two audience “plants.” We report on our background research on Daphne Blake. J.W. gives a criminal researcher’s perspective on underwater tactics vis-a-vis the cartoon’s third episode “A Clue For Scooby Doo.” The producers successfully framed brave Captain Cutler, but we begin to unravel their scheme. [PLAY EPISODE]

Episode 3 (Part 2) – A Clue For Scooby Doo – A very fortunate audience member gets his “secure name” question answered. We deliniate the official version of events in “A Clue For Scooby Doo.” J.W. Chafe gives his criminal perspective. Then launch into an extremely compelling scenario of what actually happened to Captain Cutler. If our theory of what actually happened is true, Cutler must be included in the pantheon of true American heroes. [PLAY EPISODE]

Episode 4 (Part 1) – Mine Your Own Business – The podcast begins with a frank discussion of “keeping the eye on the monkey.” We report on our background research on Velma Dinkley. J.W. gives a criminal researcher’s perspective on mining. Then we give a brief synopsis of the cartoon’s fourth episode “Mine Your Own Business.” Our hearts go out to failing entrepreneur Big Ben. But we have our suspicions about Old Hank. [PLAY EPISODE]

Episode 4 (Part 2) – Mine Your Own Busiess – We tackle the issue of why we don’t censor the interviews with our researchers. We present some startling background data on Old Hank, and a theory about the angry California Condor. We discuss even more parallels with Shakespeare, this time young Henry V. Finally, and finally, how German expressionist Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” may hold the key to understanding Scooby Doo’s fourth episode “Mine Your Own Business.” We are not afraid to admit that we believe Old Hank to be the one accused villain who was actually guilty. [PLAY EPISODE]

Special Bulletin – Brief Announcement – Recorded live, on-location in the desert. Independent Investigator Ralph Cramp makes a brief announcement about the podcast’s expanded media presence. [PLAY EPISODE]

Episode 5 (Part 1) – Decoy For A Dognapper – Lead Investigator Ralph Cramp is required to make a difficult announcement. He introduces our new legal consultant who gives his thoughts on various aspects of the Scooby-Doo conspiracy. We report on our background research on Norville “Shaggy” Rogers. Then we give a brief synopsis of the cartoon’s fifth episode “Decoy For A Dognapper.” Already we see the case against Buck Masters unravelling. [PLAY EPISODE]

Episode 5 (Part 2) – Decoy For A Dognapper – News about the future of the show. Legal consultant Frank Melasma gives his thoughts on the legality of electronic surveillance and ancient pueblos. We posit why the Mystery Machine van changes appearance throughout the first few episodes. Then we reveal what was actually happening behind the scenes of cartoon’s fifth episode “Decoy For A Dognapper” and why Bucks Masters could not have done the crime. [PLAY EPISODE]

Another Special Bulletin – TWO Brief Announcements – Recorded live, on-location near the national forest, where there have been frequent reports of bears. Independent Investigator Ralph Cramp makes two brief announcements about memorializing the victims of the Scooby-Doo program and a discovery that has resulted in a change of podcast personnel. [PLAY EPISODE]

Episode of Theories – The Six Leading Hypotheses For Season 1 – We know WHAT the Scooby-Doo program was doing: framing innocent men. But we don’t know WHY. After months of focused analysis, we give the six leading theories for the purpose of the show and announce our favorite. Both criminal researcher J.W. Chafe and legal consultant Frank Melasma are brought in to present the hypotheses. The discussion is as wide-ranging as it is groundbreaking. Listeners who operate forklifts or drive waste disposal trucks are encouraged to pull over and park before playing this episode–simply too many bombshell revelations to maintain a safe work environment. [PLAY EPISODE]


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